He is very friendly sociable man, besides, the most important thing you will feel save with him and if you need any more information about Durham he will be welcoming to help you. I absolutely recommend him".

Kindly regards, Maha 


وإذا آنت بحاجة معلومات إضافية عن مدينة ،تشعر معه بالأمان وهذا شيء مهم جدا بالإضافة إلى ذلك ،شخص محبوب جدا واجتماعي" ."بكل تأآيد أنا انصح به .دورم يقوم بمساعدتك بصدر رحب 



This private taxi company provides a good and high quality service in durham, especially for durham students. If any new students who will come durham to sutdy for next year, I strongly recommend this company, the price is cheap and acceptable for student. Epecially, for any international student who are not familar durham. it's the best way to book taxi with this company to help you find the college and carry your luggage. 

Regards, Selina 


对于在杜伦就学的同学或是 明年要来杜伦大学就读的中国同学们,本人强烈推荐这家私人出租公司,这 家公司提供了一个非常好的并且价格合理的服务。 如有同学 携带行李坐火车到了杜伦,可以提前打电话预定这家公司,他们会准时到车站接人。希望此 信息会对有需要的同学提供帮助。 



I enjoy service of Durham Carefree Taxi. Driver is not only helpful but also makes a short journey very fun and cosy. Thank you!


Durham Carefree Taxi servisas man asmeniškai labai patinka. Vairuotojas ne tik paslaugus, bet ir kelionės metu sukuria malonią atmosferą. Dėkui!

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